• KoAloha Team

  • The Family
    The Family
    While most businesses in this situation might be tempted to file for Bankruptcy and to close the business, the Okami family chose the difficult path of persevering through adversity. Under the
  • Da KoAloha Factory
    Da KoAloha Factory
    This is where all the magic goes down! The KoAloha team/family make it all happen right here and the story goes something like this…..
  • Custom Ukuleles
    Custom Ukuleles
    Black Label inlays in action. Customs & Special Projects Manager, Alan Tagama, does some awesome work. The cutting is done and just needs some cleaning up now
  • KoAloha 4 Kids
    KoAloha 4 Kids
    Without a doubt, the Koaloha Family is dedicated to spreading the Aloha through their non-profit programs. Working with kids and building their confidence through craftsmanship is one one of the many programs Koaloha give back to the community

Koaloha ukuleles are of the best made in the world. Detail to craftsmanship, tone and care in building makes Koaloha Ukuleles the only ones I’ll ever play…….Kalani, Salt Lake